• Image of People Without Shoes "Escape The Streets" 12" Vinyl (Autographed)

"Escape The Streets" 12" Vinyl (Original Pressing)
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White Sleeve Jacket With Autograph

Track List
1. Escape The Streets (Street)
2. Escape The Streets (radio)
3. Escape The Streets (Instrumental)
4. Ghettonetics (Street)
5. Ghettonetics (Instrumental)
6. Rainy Monday (Street)

1. 8 Feet Deep (Street)
2. 8 Feet Deep (Radio)
3. Mental Maze (Street)
4. Mental Maze (Instrumental)
5. Little Shop Of Horrors (Street)
6. Little Shop Of Horrors (Instrumental)

People Without Shoes considered to be HIP-HOP's best kept secret dropped this classic Record "Escape The Streets" in 1996 from their debut album "Thoughts Of A Optimist"
This rare OG 12" Vinyl features 6 songs and 5 instrumentals.
White Sleeve with special autograph Limited to 30 (PIECES)
This is definitely a dope addition to add to your record collection

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